Man Invites Teen To Mile High Club

A 66-year-old California man named Hans Loudermilk has been arrested after allegedly sexually groping and propositioning a 15-year-old girl on a Delta Air Lines flight.

The accused sicko allegedly told the girl who was flying solo next to him that he could “teach her things sexually that boys her age could not” while flying from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City Tuesday, the Smoking Gun reported.

The girl told a federal agent that their conversation first started friendly before it turned sexual in nature and led to him fondling her.

Loudermilk allegedly went on to advise her that once they landed she “should drive with him and that in the State of Utah he could marry her at her current age.”

During this time the girl said Loudermilk began moving closer to her and started to touch her chin.

“This touching progressed to rubbing [her] leg and upper thigh,” the special agent stated in his report. “[The girl] got extremely nervous and wanted this to end.”

Once the plane landed she went straight to the first person of authority she could find in the airport’s terminal, which was a Transportation Security Administration officer.

As she began telling the officer about what just happened, Loudermilk allegedly saw their conversation and darted into a nearby gift shop.  Once their plane landed, the girl told a TSA offier what happened. Meanwhile, Loudermilk was reportedly seen dashing into a gift shop where he took off the shirt he had been wearing and replaced it with a jacket.

There he was seen removing the tan buttoned-up style shirt he was wearing on the plane and replacing it with a black jacket, “possibly to avoid detection by law enforcement,” reported the agent.