Man Stealer – Adrienne Bailon Engaged To Isreal Houghton

How does a man leave a woman he’s been married to over 20 years- for a talent-less Inst-Ho, he’s known for a few months?  This is sad on so many levels.  They always leave the Day #1s.  Israel Houghton admitted cheating on his faithful wife, Meleasa Houghton.

“Several years ago I failed and sinned in my marriage. … Although we tried, the challenges in our relationship have proven too much to overcome. We have always handled our family and ministry with grace and generosity toward others, discretion, and privacy.”

Why did Israel Houghton start cheating with Adrienne Bailon while Meleasa’s mom was near death, fighting for her life in the hospital?  How low can you go?  Bailon tried justifying her Whoreish ways. “He had actually put out a statement. He is single, number one. The other thing people were saying was that I was the cause of the divorce, which I think any divorce is obviously a sad thing. People have to go through it, [it] takes time to get through that sort of thing, and I think no one put that time together.”  Whatever Bish.  Rob Kardashian told us about you.

Israel doesn’t give a cluck what we all think of his upgrade.

“I’ve seen her attacked. Lied about, Wrongfully accused, Mocked. Laughed at, and misunderstood. But I’ve also seen the shining example of the eagle she is that rises above the cacophony of the noise of ignorants- I’m learning from her example. She loves Jesus. She loves her family. She loves people. Even the ones that don’t love her back.”

He added, “I pray God give me that same grace in my life. I’ve taken a giant leap of faith in asking her to share life with me forever and to give me a shot at getting it right this time… She has graciously granted my request… She said yes. Thanks Be To God. Thank you @adriennebailon for graciously loving me.”

Yall mad?

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You. Me. Oui.

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