Mariah Carey Own Brother Called Her A Bipolar Alcoholic – Tea

Nick Cannon divorced Mariah Carey, so Hollyweird is regurgitating her mental problems.  Morgan Carey, her brother, blames their mom for Mariah’s hidden dysfunctions.  Being a silicon diva used to be popular.  Now Mariah Carey’s fame and popularity is fading quicker than her voice.  Carey pretends to be perfect, but Morgan admits the whole family suffers from mental illness, drugs, and alcoholic rages.  Morgan says his mom is a twisted, evil, drunkard.

Pat and Alfred Carey divorced when Mariah was only 3.  According to Morgan, Pat turnt up as a single mom.  Pat drank more than a fish, and left her kids for days and days.  She often left her daughters, Mariah and Alison, with dope fiends just to enjoy her freedom.  Morgan often wonders if his sisters were sexually abused.  Alison is a HIV positive heroin addict, and Mariah suffers from too much success.

Weirdos whisper that Mariah Carey is insane and suicidal in real life.  Morgan confessed everything to National Enquirer, because he’s afraid his sister will die like Whitney Houston. Momma Pat gave Mariah that beautiful opera voice, but her “alcoholic behavior and bipolar disorder” too.

“Pat facilitated Mariah having the tools to be the singer, but she also made her an alcoholic.  She set the stage for the bipolarity, and the inability to have a healthy, honest, relationship with a man, with this whole fixation on being a diva.”

Mariah is “emotionally retarded” according to Morgan Carey.  They were raised in “fear, abandonment, and dishonesty.”  His mom even let her boyfriends pull guns on him!

We hope it’s not true, but Morgan Carey went on to tell how Mariah drunk alcohol while she was pregnant, and even when she breast fed.  Can you blame her? Pat let her sip champagne when she was just 10 years old.  Morgan claims Pat poured Mariah wine to sip while she bathed, so she could pretend to be Marilyn Monroe.

Pat Carey blames Mariah for sacrificing her opera singing career, to nurture her daughter’s dreams as a Hollyweird star.  Pat lives a lavish lifestyle thanks to her Grammy winning daughter.  Mariah is to Pat what Mariah was to Nick- a meal ticket.

Rumors claim Nick Cannon has photos and video of Mariah freaking out and melting down.  He’s using it to blackmail her in the messy $600 million divorce.  Does Mariah Carey have that Amanda Bynes, or nah?