Hooters Waitress Donates Kidney To Customer

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‘After 3 months of working there and knowing him God answered my prayer but most important answered his prayer of years! I’ve been praying for God to answer me if donating one of my kidneys was the right thing to do and The Don was praying for a donor that may have never appeared,’ the post read.
‘He sent me to this world to serve him and others and as a daughter of God I offered him one of my kidneys. Many people think I’m crazy because of the age difference but then again age is just a number, it’s how young your heart is and your desire to live.
‘Around the same time I met him my grandmother was going through something similar but I wasn’t able to help her and it will forever be in my heart. My higher calling maybe wasn’t for my grandma but for a complete stranger.
‘NO he’s not paying me for a kidney or tips me really good, just to clarify ! He’s just an ordinary person with the desire to live a few more years.
‘If he can live 2 more year the happiest he’s ever been without having to sit in a room 3 times a week filtering his blood for 8 hours and finally have a full glass of water or finally get to pee again then go ahead take my kidney.
‘I know God will give him way more years to come. All I ask is for prayers and for all of you to be thankful that you’re healthy and alive because some people do have it worst! #godisgood.’  Continue at DailyMail