Marie Osmond Embarrassed To Be A Granny

The Flamingo Las Vegas hasn’t seen a snob so vain in all their years.  Marie Osmond is performing with her brother Donny Osmond, and he gets sick of her Amber Riley ego too.  She’s a new grandmother, but will slap the piss from you if you call her ‘granny’.  Stephen Craig, and his wife Claire had a healthy baby boy, and while Marie is happy, she is not thrilled.  Osmond’s grandson was born a few days before Christmas.  The entire family is elated.  The 54 year old is the mother of 8 kids.  Surely Marie will be a doting grandparent, but the ‘grandma’ title isn’t Hollyweird enough for her.  Can you help us think of another title for ‘granny’ that has more swag?  Or should the baby just call her Marie?