Marie Osmond Was Addicted To Domestic Violence Like Beyonce And Rihanna

Don’t be fooled by Hollywood’s allure.  Marie Osmond is old now, but she’s no different from Rihanna, or Beyonce.  She’s endured a painful past of physical abuse at the hands of her own husband.  Brian Blosil beat Osmond into a bloody life of prescription dependency.  Rihanna is nearly more known for the ass whoopin’ she took, than she is for her pop music.  Jay Z still physically and verbally demolishes Queen B to keep her in line. You won’t believe what gave Marie the courage to swerve!?



Blosil was cruel, and viscous.  He resented her popularity, and beauty.  He threw Marie down a flight of stairs for devoting too much attention to the kids.  The domestic violence grew more deadly. The kids began to suffered worst than Jaden and Willow.  They started risking their lives refereeing all the domestic struggles, and ego trips.  He knew she needed self confidence to remain on top.  Marie was gorilla pimped with ‘fat&ugly’ jokes.  They separated, and reconnected- just like Rih Rih and Chris Brown.  He convinced her that he was ‘sorry’- just like Jay Z does Beyonce.

Brian Blosil was mysteriously accused of sexually, and physically abusing one of their kids, although Marie Osmond never confessed to any drama.  You know, the Hollywood type?  They’d rather let a rich pedophile escape, than forfeit their entertainment careers?  Showbiz insiders suspect Blosil is the reason for  her sweet kid, Michael’s, suicide.  Marie eventually got the fork out, and said,  “God does not expect us to sit in something that’s destructive.”  Rihanna got out too.  Will Beyonce leave The Camel?  Or, keep faking, and shaking like it’s all good?