Mark Harmon Cocaine Pain

If we had a penny for every time Mark Harmon was involved in a cocaine scandal, our last name would be Wrigley.  The star of NCIS is haunted by his cocaine cowboy past.  Booger Sugar ripped Harmon’s family apart.  Mark keeps everything low key for his public image, but behind closed doors he’s struggling with sobriety.

Pam Dawber is all too familiar with Mark’s Texas sized ego, and coke addiction.  She’s been married to him almost 30 years.  Jethro Gibbs went to court seeking custody of his nephew, Sam.  Sam is his crack-head sister, Kristin’s, baby with Ricky Nelson.  Kristin was a great mom, but addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol.  Mark Harmon’s wife jumped on the stand and told the courts how Kristin’s erratic behavior frightened little Sam.  Kristin’s lawyers fired back accusing Pam of being a dope head her damn self.  Cross examinations suggested Pam Dawber was getting blasted with Robin Williams on the Mork & Mindy set.  Was Pam a bigger addict than Mark’s sister Kristin Harmon?  Mark Harmon mysteriously dropped the entire case before Dawber was put on blast again.

Sam suffered from his parents’ wealth and success.  3 years after after his mom divorced his rock star dad,  Ricky Nelson’s private jet plummeted from the sky.  Rumors claim the fatal accident was triggered from a fire started by free basing cocaine during the airplane ride.  6 people died.  11 year old Sam Nelson was hopeless according to his Examiner interview:

My relationship with Pop was tricky. I loved him very much, I know he loved me very much, but we didn’t really get an opportunity to see each other that often. When I was growing up, my parents were going through a divorce that lasted about seven years. I think I’m being conservative when I say seven years, because it feels like forever. That happened all through my childhood.

I basically had to sneak out to see him, and the big night to see him was Christmas Eve. I would go to Pop’s house on Mulholland Drive (formerly owned by Errol Flynn), and we would spend one glorious night a year together. Then I wouldn’t see him again – he would be off touring or performing.

Mark’s other sister, Kelly Harmon, was married to The John DeLorean.  FBI officials busted Mark Harmon’s brother in law in another cocaine scandal.  Authorities accused John DeLorean of funding a massive cocaine distribution ring in attempt to savage his car company.  Does cocaine dependency run in Mark Harmon’s family?