Now Martha Stewart Beefing With Michelle Obama

Esquire TV Host Johnny Pigozzi struck Hollyweird gold.  He pressured, and convinced Martha Stewart to confess her disdain for the Obama Administration.  “I haven’t met President Obama.  I voted for him twice.”

Martha is old, rich, and angry.  She publicly bitch slapped Gwyneth Paltrow for attempting a Life Style Guru career( instead of focusing on acting).  Stewart smoked Kush, and did hard time in prison.  What does a Hollyweird A-Lister have to do to get some respect around this bitch?  Why are the Obamas refusing to even invite Martha to the White House?  They certainly invited Paula Deen, and she hates ninjas.

Government officials haven’t even asked Martha Stewart for cooking, and decorating suggestions.  Her feelings are more hurt than Rob Kardashian’s ego.  Michelle Obama has obviously overlooked Martha Stewart Living.  Barack wrong for acting like he hasn’t read one of Stewart’s best selling books.  Martha was pimping television before Jimmy Kimmel.  Barack Obama had dinner with Ali Bongo (African dictator).  Martha was hustling #ThisHereLifestyle when Obama was smoking Kush at Occidental College.  Martha should be pissed.