Did Mary J Blige Husband Get Caught Cheating With Superhead?


Say it ain’t so?

So uhm, It has been brought to my attention that Mary J. Blige’s soon to be ex husband Kendu Issacs has been engaged in an affair with Karrine Steffans aka “Superhead.” According to Superhead’s friend who asked to remain anonymous, Kendu would be at Karrine’s spot chilling and his phone would be ringing nonstop. Who is it that would be calling? Non other than his wife Mary J. Blige. Superhead was unaware that Mary J. had been alerted of the affair until she ran into Mary at a function. According to the source, Superhead pulled that sneaky side-bitch move of trying to be polite and speak to Mary at the function, but Mary stared that bitch down and would not give her the time of day. The source said Mary looked Superhead up and down and said “I know who you are”, and walked off. That’s right Mary, keep it classy!  Find out more at funkydineva>>>>>

Here I am, at Trader Joe’s, buying organic fruits and vegetables for my family, when I get a slew of interview requests because of yet another false accusation. The truth is that most of what urban blogs post about me is 100% made up. These false reports add to the disparaging views people have of me and usually, I’m content to let people think what they want. Today, however, is not one of those days. I live a simple life. I’m not out and about. I’m never at the party. There are no photos of videos circulating of me doing much of anything and that’s because I don’t do much. I stay home, I take care of my family, and I run my businesses quietly. My life is drama free. I am happy, healthy, and whole. But, I guess that’s what irritates people the most. I don’t know why I’m a target. I don’t know why people pick on me. I’m not sure why people aren’t content to just leave me alone. I try my best to be a positive force, to share my experiences in an attempt to help those going through much of what I have experienced. I’ve built a brand that is dedicated to help and education. I volunteer my time. I lecture at universities around the country, sometimes for free. I give and I give and when I’m tired, I give some more. What have I done that’s so bad that I have to be continuously demeaned and undermined? I pay my taxes. I don’t do drugs. I’m not out here getting arrested or fighting with anyone. Even in my pain, I do my very best to be a light. These blogs don’t cover any of that though. Of course not. They’d rather make you think I’m a horrible person. They’d rather try to break me and hurt my family. And this is why I stay to myself. No, I have never had an inappropriate relationship with Kendu Isaacs. No, he has never cheated on his wife with me. Yes, we are friends and have been for 10 years. Naturally, when his friends heard about his marital troubles, we all rallied around him to show support. Divorce is painful. I’ve been through three marriages and I understand the gut wrenching agony the end of a marriage causes. I sincerely wish Kendu and Ms. Blige peace and love, no matter the outcome, and I would appreciate not being dragged into the gossip. Thanks.

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