Matt Martians Syd tha Kyd Diss Odd Future #Ego Death

The Internet consist of just Matt Martians and Syd tha Kyd.  Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, the Creator are off smoking their own things.  The calm duo from Odd Future are out to make a name for themselves.  They went straight pop commercial with Ego Death.  They’re trying to grab T Swizzle’s fans, and old people— “the random dude that might hear it in a store,” Martians said.

“The drums are the Trojan horse,” he went on. “You catch ’em with the drums and then they’re like, ‘Whoa, what’s going on up in here?'”

The combustion started on Myspace. Syd (whose full name is Sydney Bennett) reached out to Martians (born Matthew Martin) after hearing tracks he’d posted.  They vibed through Odd Future and created Purple Naked Ladies.  Next came Feels Good.  Odd Future cracked the mainstream, but The Internet was always Hollyweird’s favorite.

The Internet

“I think our mentality on our first two albums was: Let’s just do whatever we want,” said Martians.   He didn’t pretend to fit in. Eagerness to establish themselves outside Odd Future is the point of Ego Death.

“As you go on, though, you realize you need something for people to grasp onto.”

“When you walk, you walk in a rhythm,” said the producer. “You blink in a rhythm. So when you have beats that keep switching up, it’s foreign to how we’re naturally wired as humans.”

Syd tha Kyd’s writing is on fleek too.

“Before, it would’ve seemed too straightforward,” the singer said.   Confident, plain-spoken, basic, lyrics make Ego Death feel so special.

“I’m finally actually saying it,” she said. “This is how I feel.”

Will all the sneak dissing help boost Matt Martians, and Syd tha Kyd’s fame?

Hell A Times Reports- Not long ago, the group signed with the powerful talent agency ICM, one more element of Odd Future’s multi-pronged attack on pop culture. So far, Syd said, she’s turned down many of the high-profile acting gigs for which she’s been invited to audition. “Right now, I’d rather be known for making a song that speaks to somebody,” she insisted.

Martians agrees, saying he’s “totally uninterested” in being recognized on the street. He wants to hone his craft, not the spectacle that fuels so much American celebrity (including Tyler’s).

“We’re the opposite of that,” he said with a laugh. “The craziest thing anyone does in this band is smoke weed.”