Matthew Bellamy Refuses Marriage To Kate Hudson -Baby Moma Drama

Matthew Bellamy may prefer a tranny like Hank Baskett.  Kate Hudson has finally noticed that Hollywood isn’t reaching out to her.  Showbiz kids like Kate carry a foul scent of entitlement.    Anne Hathaway tried warning us way back in the Bride Wars days.  Kate has a bubbly, smiley persona for red carpet cameras.  Truthfully, she’s aging, rich, bitch.  Hudson walks around Melrose like she’s too cute to poop.  She never forks the same co- star, or wears the same thing-twice.  Hudson is only on the A-list by last name.

Bill Hudson, and Goldie Hawn purchased her best supporting actress nomination from the Academy, and her Golden Globe.  Want to know why Chris Robinson dumped Kate?  She’s just plain freaking mean.  She’s rude to staff, and a she’s a witch to her own kids.  Everything has to be perfect for her, or she has a roller coaster of whines and complaints.  Now we see why her fiance, Bellamy, is stalling on the wedding.  The same reason Hollyweird is stalling on giving her a relevant role.  She tried explaining to Walter Scott why she’ hasn’t been working, and instead wasting time on low budget Indie films.

“Yeah, the bigger films, haven’t really spoken to me.  But people like to see me in comedies, which I love, and I do want to make more comedies for women that aren’t dumbed down.”

We’re actually tired of seeing Kate Hudson in dumb comedies- always playing the exact same role for every film.  Fans want Kate in a more challenging role, outside the norm.  She makes movie producers so horny, and she’s always beefing with her co-stars.  Kate creates a hostile environment, and she’s not really a great actress.  That’s even more reason for Kate to stop being a total buzz kill.