Renee Puente Gwyneth Paltrow Fight For Matthew Morrison #Glee

Morrison has only known Renee Puente a short while, but his stardom isn’t growing as rapidly as he’d planned.  Glee has given Matthew Morrison a name in this town.  However, his headlines can’t compete with Cory’s death, or Lea’s down low connection with Paris Barclay.  He settled down and married the petite beauty in a small ceremony in Hawaii.   He wore a custom Brooks Brothers tux, and she wore a Gustavo gown.  Family, and friends enjoyed soft music as they celebrated the union on a private Kihei estate.

Matt is ecstatic.  Renee has a great heart.   Sadly, while he loves Puente, he secretly planned to stay engaged a lot longer.  Then, Gwyneth Paltrow dumped Chris Martin, and started calling and texting Matthew off the hook.  Gwen always had a crush on Matt.  They even smashed when Paltrow guest starred on Glee.  The timing was off, and Paltrow was fighting hard to pretend she still loved Chris.  When she finally gained the balls to ditch Martin, she quickly dreamed of rekindling her flame with Matthew Morrison.  The only problem?  Matt was deeply involved with Renee.  Puente even had to curse Gwyn out a few times for trying to seduce her man.

The actress tried to hide from paps as she was seen leaving the five-star Grosvenor House Hotel at 2am with the S-List Glee teacher.  Renee doesn’t trust their friendship.  Kim Kardashian was just friends with Ye when she was with Reggie Bush.  Holly Holiday wore a black wig to play Morrison’s groupie on his solo tour.