Meadow Rain Walker Suing Porsche

Paul Walker's Daughter to Live with Mother and Nanny 

 The driver’s widow of the deadly Porsche Carrera GT that killed Paul Walker, is trying to own Santa Clarita, California.  Kristine Rodas, filed a lawsuit against the sports car makers, Porsche Cars North America.   Roger Rodas wife claims the race vehicle was going  only 55 MPH when it “malfunctioned”.  The $500,000 machine killed Paul and his buddy, by torching their bodies.  LA County’s police report tells a different story.  They documented Paul Walker and Roger, Fast & Furious in the Porsche- zooming at over 90MPH.  Kristine is blaming the car’s design, and suspension.  Is Paul Walker resting in peace?  Meadow Rain Walker  lives with her mom, Rebecca Soteros.  Lawyers are quietly urging Meadow to join the lawsuit against Porsche. What do you think?