Meet Cordarrel White – Passionate Savage

“People think dancers are suppose to look a certain way and I feel like certain things I have auditioned for I didn’t get the part because of the way I look,” Cordarrel White said. “At first, I hated choreography because I wasn’t very good at it and I had no confidence in it, but I stopped trying to be something I wasn’t and began to get more comfortable with it.”

Through his work, he has also been able to face the stigmatization placed on males within the female-dominated industry.

“The dance industry is so low on males because of this stereotype that surrounds male dancers, that they must be soft or gay, which is not true. I have met many straight male dancers,” White said. “However, people are becoming a lot more comfortable with themselves and there are a lot more men coming into the industry, so it is becoming a lot more competitive.”- SHSU.EDU

Co switched his major from Education to chase his real passion.  That drive, and determination,  led him to regional American College Dance Festival.  Take a look at the award winning Passionate Savage below.