Meet Drake Latest JumpOff – Ivy League

Instagram photo by ivy_l3ague - ThanksGiving All on my hips! #SlimThickInstagram photo by ivy_l3ague - I will be featured in the next issue of @poleblvd shoot by @lsfotography1

Yall know they setting Drizzy up to be the next face man for HIV.  Magic Johnson getting old.  Meet Drake’s latest conquest.  She calls herself Ivy League.  34-26-40, this Houston thottie has Drake’s panties in a bunch.  Her She’s Happy Hair makes her Indian, and her tattoos are guaranteed to entice.

Instagram photo by ivy_l3ague - Dekan I'm on the way ✌️

Word around town claims she’s a featured girl at V-Live.  Drake meets all his thot fans in strip clubs.  Miracle Watts, and Jhonni Blaze got smashed & passed.  Rumers claim Drake actually likes Ivy Leaugue, and even considered bringing her to Toronto to meet his moma.  Can you blame him?