Meet Law Artis – Soldier Poet Musician

I sit up and think of my reality….when I close my eyes and I sigh, dreaming of what it would be like if I could stand in my truth with no judgment. Dr.  King had a dream….so why can’t I.
Is it wrong to dream of people not looking at me for the color of my skin, Women clutching their purses thinking I want in. People defining darker skin people as sexy and not defining us as beautiful. Defining Dark as something that will never see the light of day.
Is it wrong for me to dream that when people hear me speak they won’t define me as trying to be white, because I don’t fill my vocabulary with yals and ain’ts, am I not suppose to want to better myself with my education or shall I run into the fields emancipation.
Is it wrong for me to proclaim my love for someone the world doesn’t accept as what is right. From different ethnic background  to Same Sex….people cutting their eyes asking why?  When did my body become your body, when did my heart enter your body.  Am I just not a vessel….bound to make mistakes in love and war.

Is it wrong for me to walk into an audition with hopes they will see my talent and not pass me the role of a slave or thug. Or listen to my singing voice and because I don’t sound like the top 40…I’m not hot. Because I don’t do back flips…I’m not defined as a dancer.
I wake up from my dreams and see the world I want to live in and be the person I was born to be. I may see color but I judge you by the actions and words you speak and not the pigment of your skin. I speak proudly with education and characters letting the world know that I am more than a conqueror. I revel in my complexion and body and know that my true beauty lies within and my faith in my maker.  I open my heart to love in all walks of life….praying for their hearts to aligned and be soul mates for eternity. My destiny in the world of Arts is defined by my father in heaven and not over a panel of judges sitting on a throne they have not earned. I am a fighter, believer, lover, and DREAMER. My dreams will be infinitely designed for me.

What’s next for Law Artis?