The Struggle Too Real: Melissa Joan Hart Sells Kids Clothes Now #KingOfHarts

I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome you to our newest adventure, King of Harts!!! Mark and I dreamed of creating our own line of cool, durable and quality boys clothes for many years and now… Here it is! And we can’t thank you enough for joining in our launch celebration! Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart

Her husband is SO involved in fashion, we wondered if he was getting his Ryan Phillippe on.  Coincidentally, it was Melissa Joan Hart’s entrepreneurial spirit that inspired the kids fashion line.  Move over Kim Kardashian! Melissa’s kids’ clothes on fleek!  Looks fade, and fame is temporary. Clarissa or Sabrina or Mel from Melissa & Joey (on ABC Family) officially has it all. ?  Or, North West crying front row at fashion week?