Mets Fan Gets Beat Into Critical Condition at Doyer Stadium

Chase Utley intentionally slid into Rudy Tejada and broke his leg.  They don’t call it ‘Hell A’ for nothing.  Dodger fans are inexplicably  die hard, and any opponent will get his melon cracked.  If you visit Los Angeles, don’t wear red or blue- and DON’T root against the Dodgers.  You better ask Bryan Stow.  They beat him into a coma, and left him with a $50 million medical bill.  Stow remained hospitalized for 2 years, and doctors told his family, “he’ll NEVER be the same.”  Now this from DailyMail:

A mother and son brutally beat a New York Mets fan outside Dodger Stadium on Friday night, police have said.
The pair, who police are searching for, left a ‘piece of his skill missing’ after he was hit following the playoff game, one of his friends said.
The victim was in critical condition on Tuesday, but his name and age were not released.
The fight broke out around 10:30 p.m. in a parking lot after the Dodgers lost the opening game of the National League Division Series to the New York Mets, 3-1.