Mexican Immigrants Gain US Access -El tren de la muerte La Bestia Death Train

Whether illegal, or not- it wouldn’t be LA without Mexicans.  US freight trains traveling to Mexico are riddled with Tequila soaked migrants determined to make a better life.  El tren de la muerte guarantees an early death.  Illegal, and unsafe, the Death Train is the safest way for Mexicans to travel and avoid immigration checkpoints.  Over a million Central American hustlers turn up in Cali atop these trains.

Don’t be judgmental- especially, if you aren’t fiercely pursing your life’s purpose.  Hopping on and off  La Bestia has left plenty of youngsters mangled, and handicapped.  The journey is 1500 miles, and about 15 trains to get to California.  You sit, and dream about what you’re ‘gonna’ do.  Migrants are falling asleep, hanging off the trains, trying hard to get to Hollyweird.  Dodger fans are being jolted off the trains, ending up decapitated, in search of a decent life.  We won’t mention the internal loneliness, bad weather, and dope dealing gangs, they have to surpass along the way.  We’ve even heard stories of child rape along the route.  Zetas are capturing migrants selling them for $2500.  Over 12,000 folks were ‘reported’ as kidnapped along La Bestia Avenue just this year.

California has more illegals than mountains, and palm trees.  So many illegals, the United States paid American tax dollars to persuade Mexican authorities to hunt and contain their own people.  Fragging is worst than snitching.  Mexican cops are plucking their brothers from hotels, trains, and buses.  Cops are literally hunting everyone trying to reach the US ( as if their parents are American).  Migrants have resulted to tracking hundreds of miles in the forest, cowering in the shadows.  Would you sacrifice like this for some power Kush, and Pioneer chicken?

According to LA Times :

In addition to the deportations, the government has said it will invest about $80 million to upgrade the freight trains. Aside from the U.S pressure, Mexico has been embarrassed by the spectacle of young migrants falling off trains or being booted off by gangs, often losing limbs in the process.-

If we have $30 million lying around, shouldn’t we focus on discouraging Isis from beheading our journalist?