MH370 Abducted By UFO – Video Evidence

It’s spooky how everyone is slowly pushing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from the picture.  It’s been months since the flight eerily disappeared.  United States Navy under water technology hasn’t found a smidgen of an entire Boeing 777, or it’s passengers.  No black boxes, transponders, or radar debris.  Nothing.  More than 2 dozen countries have joined in the search using the best technology in the world.  Painfully, they haven’t spotted any of the 239 passengers, or any plane wreckage.  They never will.

Top politician, Mohammad  Jamaluddin, tweeted  “New Bermuda triangle detected in Vietnam waters, well-equipped sophisticated devices are of no use” right after the disappearance of the Malaysian #MH370.  The Bermuda Triangle is called The Devil’s Triangle, because ships and planes have disappeared there too.  Nobody has seen Flight 19 since 1945.  It vanished in thin air.

A businessman,  Alif Fathi Abdul Hadi, swears he saw a bright white light, resembling a plane, moving quickly towards the South China Sea about 1.45am on the day flight MH370 went missing.  Azid Abrahim saw the same creepy light.

The radar playback depicts dozens of planes in flight over the region at the time. The first peculiarity is seen in the lower left of the screen. A round object appears in the vicinity of Flight 370 (and amid several others), which the radar does not automatically “read” as airplane. Suddenly, this round object take the form of a “plane” on the radar screen and accelerates at a rate of speed that must be at least five times the speed of the surrounding planes, heading eastward, over the South China Sea – and just as suddenly the object stops and appears to hover in place.  Regardless of whether or not this mystery object had anything to do with the demise of of Flight 370 – what IS evident is that the radar readings shown in this clip captured signals from what for now, can only be termed a UFO – because it is “unidentified.” – Alexandra Bruce