Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta Jones US Open Fight Stirs Divorce Rumors

All the celebrities at the tennis match were humiliated for Michael Douglas. Catherine Zeta Jones is urging the A – List, Flatliners, producer to divorce before she’s too old. They never fully recovered from the last, near divorce, nightmare. Catherine Zeta- Jones just won’t forgive Michael for telling everyone in Studio City he got throat cancer from eating her cootie cat. They smoothed things over, for showmance sake. Judging by how Catherine popped off griping in public, Michael Douglas is married to misery.

Zeta- Jones played vixen until she married into one of the biggest Hollyweird families of all time. Lonely are the Brave, because Catherine has grown bored with her posh lifestyle. Furs and children don’t compensate for Jones’ desire for limelight. Catherine Zeta Jones was once considered a sex symbol, but now she hasn’t had sex in years. Michael Douglas is the fun police. Or is it the other way around?

Weird babies, Careys and Dylan, were totally embarrassed. Fans could not concentrate on the women’s tennis final. Everyone is worried they may be headed for another split.

Trouble began brewing when the couple grabbed coffee and snacks in their exclusive viewing suite, a source told Nation Enquirer.

“Michael and Catherine came out and set their things down on a high counter top before going to their seats, but you could already hear and see them sniping at each other.  It seemed like Catherine was goading him- she was laughing at him, and Michael’s face turned angry.  They eventually went down to their first row seats, but it seemed like an hour before they said anything to each other; Michael was looking one way, Catherine the other.  You could feel the tension between them.”