Michael J Fox MultiMillion Dollar Divorce !

Michael J. Fox was painfully reminded that Hollyweird is no faithful girlfriend.  In true backstabbing fashion, the jet setting executives at NBC axed The Michael J. Fox Show and replaced it with Hollywood Game Night.  The disrespect is heartbreaking.


Michael’s inner circle and competitive ego have been pressuring him to undergo  brain surgery to fight his Parkinson’s disease.  He knows it can possibly hurt him, and endanger his current health.  However, advanced studies in technology can likely aid the Family Ties honcho.  Hollywood is a Spin City.  Everyone assumes Michael is concerned with his health, but  respect is Fox top priority.

Michael Fox wife, Tracy, endures tremors, limps, and his speech struggle.  She’s grown tired of stroking his ego.  Michael’s show cancellation is prompting him to consider getting a brain tune-up, like he did in 1998.  Fox has a small disorder and enormous talent.  He is a breath of fresh air in a Kardashian smothered era.  Fox enjoys supporting charities, and spending quality time with his family, but he’d be damned if he allows NBC to bitch slap him like they did Leno.  Is Michael J. Fox not a living legend?  Where’s the loyalty?  Will he leave Hollywood forever?  Let us know what’s shakin’ in the comments below.