Michael Tanouye Rapes Woman Aboard Flight

Arrest: Michael Tanouye (pictured), 29, sexually assaulted a female passenger in the bathroom of a Japan Airlines plane, the FBI have said. Tanouye's actions forced the plane, from Hawaii to Japan, to turn around

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A 29-year-old Hawaii man sparked terror on a Japan Airlines flight after sexually assaulting a female passenger in the plane’s bathroom, the FBI have said.

Michael Tanouye, who was travelling with his mother, allegedly forced his way into the restroom an hour and 45 minutes after the flight to Kansai, Japan, took off from Honolulu International Airport

He then tried to take the Japanese passenger’s clothes off, before exposing himself, it is said. While struggling with Tanouye, the unnamed woman managed to push an emergency button.

However, she remained trapped with him for a few minutes as the flight crew, other passengers and her panicked mother tried to open the bathroom door, which the suspect was allegedly blocking.

The group finally managed to unscrew the door’s hinges, rescue the woman and subdue Tanouye, who lives in Hilo, according to Hawaii News Now.

-via DailyMail