Mickey Rooney Murdered By His Step Kids

Chris and Mark Aber placed a gun to Mickey’s forehead.  Rooney didn’t want to overturn his will, but blood curdling threats made the decision easy.  His estate, memorabilia, and licensing fees are all owned by his step- son, Mark, now.  Jan Rooney is harboring a  twisted, sick, extortion secret.  Mickey Rooney mysteriously changed his will 3 weeks before he died.

Mickey Rooney’s biological kids suspect foul play.  Especially because Rooney sued his precious step-son- Chris Aber, and his wife Christina for elderly abuse.  They judge sided with Mickey, but he failed to collect the $2.8 million.  Insiders claim  Chris & Mark beat Rooney like Ike did Tina.  Even Mickey’s coroner noticed visible burns, and bruises.  Rooney’s real kids emptied their 401k, and refinanced their homes.   Ted Rooney (Mickey’s 3rd wife, Martha Vickers’ son) desperately collected donations to hire a hot shot lawyer.

“We believe my father had an earlier will that left everything to his natural children,” Theodore Rooney, told  The ENQUIRER. “But he was unduly influenced by Mark Aber and his family to sign a new will. They shanghaied my dad, mistreated him and abused him physically and mentally.”
Can you imagine being old, crusty, and weak, while depending on your ‘step kids’?  Why didn’t anyone stand up for Rooney?
 “Jan and her kids made getting in touch with my father almost impossible,” Ted complained.
“I know they were trying to get his money. They’re already selling off my father’s memorabilia, but that belongs with his blood relatives. We are going to challenge the will. There are certain possessions the family would like to have, along with income from use of my father’s name and image.”
Should Ted’s lawyers focus less on overturning the will, and more on Mickey Rooney’s spooky change of heart, days before his death?  If Chris Aber was charged with abusing Rooney, why would Jan condone shifting him to live with Mark?  What did Mark, and Chris do to Mickey?