Brando Curse On Tetiaroa Island – Video

Miko Brando confirmed his dad, Marlon, suffered from success like Robin Williams.  Miko inherited Tetiaroa, Marlon Brando’s gorgeous Polynesian island.  He desperately wants to find his own identity.  He’s always been known as Marlon’s kid, and Michael Jackson’s body guard.  Miko dropped millions from his own trust fund showcasing  The Brando.  Mutiny On The Bounty, not only provided access to Tarita’s panties (Marlon’s co star who eventually became his 3rd wife), South Pacific gave him  reason to live.

Brando bought the island over 50 years ago.  A cry for respect, and not a tribute, The Brando boast solar power, and a Green certificate.  Miko Brando tricked the island out with a fancy hotel so other heirs can visit.  Even Richard Bailey felt it was a waste of time, but money talks.

“My dad built an airstrip on Tetiaroa long ago, because growing up, we always used to go over by boat.  But the seas would be brutal, and the waves so huge, you would get sick,” he bragged to The Enquirer.  “The Brando resort is 12 islands in a lagoon, surrounded by a coral reef.  The hotel consist of about 35 bungalows on one island, all on the beach.  It’s breath taking.  There is no place like it on earth.”

Brando’s paradise is plagued by ghost, and goblins from the past.  Marlon Brando had everything accept Rita Moreno, and religion.  Celebrity insiders claim the island is more spooky than #MH370.  Remember the gory murder on Mulholland Dr.?  Marlon’s son, Christian, murdered his son in law, Dag Drollet.  Years later, Marlon Brando’s daughter, Cheyenne hanged herself.  Her brother Christian did just 10 years for killing the love of her life, and died a short time later.  Miko’s first wife, Jiselle, tragically died in a car accident.  Is Brando’s island cursed by his glamorous Hollyweird life after death?  Would you visit?