Milk Spoiling Too Quick – It’s Hot Out Chea

Cabrillo BeachThe refrigerator temperature is fine.  Our local grocers are the best.  We use it to cook, for coffee creamer, and late night cereal snacks.  While we’ve figured out Khloe Kardashian’s secret to a plumper rump, we wonder why our milk is spoiling so quickly.  We don’t want it to freeze, and we refuse to keep a baby frog in it.  We just want a healthy baby, and creamy macaroni.  Los Angeles is suffering from a heat wave so crucial, we’d appreciate if Jermaine Jack’sun’ didn’t light a cigarette.  The rest of the country is preparing for a grumpy winter.  Angelenos are tanning, surfing, and planning to dress like prostitutes for Halloween.  We love you, but it really never rains here.  Sour milk won’t kill us.  Kanye West drinks it all the time.