Mindy Kaling Secret Lesbian Fling With Lindsay Lohan Ex

Lindsay Lohan can turn up with as many black dudes, and Z-listers in the UK as she’d like.  DJ Samantha Ronson is going for the gold.  Mindy Kaling hired Sam in 2011 to add a mix CD to her book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns).  Ronson has been certain to keep in touch.  She’s smitten with the Emmy nominated comedian.

Mindy was on social media lusting for a hot creamy dessert, when Sam flirted with her on Twitter. “Have you tried the butter cake at Mastros?  Holy heaven batman!  I can’t stop thinking about it.  Wanna go?”

The Mindy Project mega star responded, “nope and yup!  I shall get a steak first too if that’s OK?”

Sam nearly came on herself.  “O my I am really excited about this!”

Sam is super cute, and down to earth- we can only imagine the news coverage this romance would garner.  We aren’t certain they smashed yet, but we are certain Mindy could use a bump up the Hollyweird social ladder.  Gay for pay?  Wouldn’t they make a great couple