Miss Nikki Baby Mudarris Graduates College From USC

Edit : @MissnikkiiBaby ❤️ #Fine #MissnikkiBaby #NikkiBaby #LHHH

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We were just like you. We assumed Nikki Mudarris was just another plastic, big butt, Z Lister, gold digging for fame. Fellow Love & Hip Hop cast mates will be botoxed with envy to learn Miss Nikki Baby just received her degree from University of Southern California-USC. The bootiful reality star has brains, and probably gave professors brains for the straight As. What will all the super geeky women do now to compete? Which is more impressive? Nikki’s sex tape scandal, or her college graduation?

Awwwww congratulations to my Babbybear for graduating. Haters will always be haters #missnikkibaby #slayqueen #hardworkpaysoff

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Congratulations to @missnikkiibaby for doing her thing in school…#we'reproudofyou #educationisthekey #missnikkibaby

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