Miss Tina Explains What Happened to Solange Face At The Wedding – Video

Alan Ferguson is a lucky man.  Solange was the most stunning bride of all time. The glamorous  New Orleans wedding bash was nearly ruined when Solo broke out in hives.  Knowles looked like she spent her honey moon with Chris Brown, because her jaws. and eyes were swollen.  Beyonce flew to the rescue.

“Solange went through the wedding and the sit-down dinner and she was just fine, and then they had a second line in the streets of New Orleans and she was dancing so hard, I think she just got overheated,” Miss Tina told ET.   “And the seafood — she had a reaction to it. So her face broke out in welts.”

Jay Z, Beyonce, Solange and Alan Ferguson attend the secondline parade following Solange and Alan's wedding on November 16, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana

“Beyonce took her back to the hotel and gave her Benadryl and in two hours she showed up at the reception and did the dance with her son and just had a ball,” Tina gushed.

Were you surprised that Jay-z was at #SolangeWedding?