Jihadi John Demands Pardon Like Patty Tania Hearst #Isis

SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army) kidnapped Tania from her Berkeley California home.  Locked up, blindfolded, and bound- urban gorillas captured an heiress.  The daughter of a newspaper magnante, and proud owner of Rocket (a grand prize-winning shih tzu), was coerced into joining SLA’s war on capitalism.

These days, we’d refer to Patty Hearst as  Jihadi Jane.  Unlike Patty, Jihadi John (the frontman in the Isis  beheading videos) doesn’t have a wealthy, powerful, father to dismiss his atrocities.   Mohammed Emwazi, is his real name.  He is a British citizen and computer science major at University of Westminster. Is Jihadi John a bad guy?  Or, a young, easily impressionable,  freedom fighter, like Patty ‘Tania’ Hearst?

Patty, the wealthy daughter of William Randolph Hearst, was caught on camera holding a machine gun during a bank heist.  SLA goons said Patty wanted to join, and actually nicknamed herSELF ‘Tania’.  SLA members were killed during a San Francisco bank heist, but some how, Tania managed to escape.  When police finally nabbed Jihadi Tania, she claimed she was brainwashed by her captures.  Did Isis capture, and brainwash Jihadi John too?  Were Boston Bombing brothers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, simply brainwashed also?

A 1976 jury didn’t buy Tania’s claims, and sentenced her to 7 years in jail.  President Jimmy Carter commuted her sentence.  Then Bill Clinton granted the SLA Jihadi Jane rich kid a full pardon.