Selena Gomez Drug Of Choice – Rhymes With Jolly

Miley Cyrus came through like a wrecking ball.  She’s accused of ruining the romance between Paula Patton and Robin Thicke.  She’s also ruined Selena Gomez squeaky clean image.  Cyrus glorified popping Molly on her hit single We Can’t Stop.  Westside streets claim Senorita Selena is doing just that- she won’t stop popping Molly.

Sinking: The 22-year-old pop princess seemed a bit wobbly on her feet and preferred to crouch while Rosie and beau Jason kept an eye out for the car in the rain-soaked valet area 

Selena felt so much pressure to compete with the strippers and prostitutes Justin Bieber loves.  When she did her first bid in rehab, her reps lied and convinced us she was suffering from ‘exhaustion’.  Exhaustion is just a fancy word for doped and washed up.  Homez has recently admitted to struggling with a Lamar Odom– like habit.

Back in December, an eye witness passed a polygraph test and spilled all the cocaine to Enquirer.  They claim Selena was behaving strangely and popping “Molly.  “I didn’t know  she took drugs, but she clearly knew what she was doing.”