Momma Dee Opens Up About Dine & Dash Arrest and Screams Team Shay Johnson

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Over the weekend Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Momma Dee, real name Deborah Bryant, was arrested after an alleged Dine-N-Dash incident in Milwaukee. According to reports, Dee was in Milwaukee celebrating her birthday with friends when the check came, totaling to approximately $500, and allegedly Dee’s friends left her with the bill. Refusing to pay, Dee also left the restaurant and was arrested.

That’s what initial reports say but Momma Dee says it didn’t quite go that way. The reality star says that though it was her birthday, it was not her birthday dinner and the dinner was not planned for her, she was merely a guest. She explains that she was in the restroom when the $500 check came and everyone else in the party left. When she returned from the restaurant Dee says she was bombarded by restaurant managers and cops who claimed she was attempting to dine and dash. She offered to pay for her portion of the check, but not pay for the others. Momma Dee was arrested and held on $250 bail.
Scrappy’s ex, Shay Johnson, was also in Milwaukee with Momma Dee. It’s unclear whether she was one of the dine and ditchers, however. #lhhatl #mommadee – blogged by: @eleven8 (Baller Alert)

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