Montell Jordan Offers Advice To Kanye West – Video

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This Is How We Do It, is one of the world’s greatest club bangers of all time.  Everyone wonders what happened to the R&B panty melter.  He left the showbiz industry at the peak of his career.  Over 2 decades later, Montell Jordan’s hip hop classic is still played in the hottest clubs from Hollywood to Tokyo.  Jordan traded fame and fortune for sweet baby Jesus.  He joined church, and gave his life to the Lord.  Some people say he was crazy, but he called it the use and abuse of the godly gift of music. Montell explained:

I know I should be dead. I’m going to tell you personally, I know. There was an instance in 1995, I was on tour with Boyz II Men and I fell off the back of a stage with my hands in my ears, I fell off a stage, onto my head and I know that I should be dead. I can tell you from the things that I did, the promiscuous things, in the music business, outside of my marriage. I know I should be dead. I can tell you about a time when I was recording in a studio in Los Angeles, California and two days after I decided to switch studios, murderers ran up into the studio, robbed the place and asked for me by name…It’s because of Jesus I’m alive. I have more now in Christ than I ever had when I was in the world.-

Now he’s offering his truths to Kanye West. Jordan says Ye needs a real God. Do you have faith that Kanye will ditch fashion, and get back focused on cementing his musical legacy?