We Found A New Smoke Spot Overlooking The Pacific Ocean

Grab your beer, Kush, blanket, and hot- spot.  We’re taking a hiking trip.   No whining babies allowed.  We’re going to spend a wicked night in More Mesa Caves.  It’s located above the Pacific Ocean, just north of Gayle King’s Santa Barbara guest house on Oprah’s estate.  We may need some firewood, it gets nippy at night.  More Mesa is owned by a Saudi billionaire, who inherited it.  He takes the real estate paradise for granted, and won’t even take the time to visit.  We just thought this was a nice spot to get reacquainted, and pretend we’re young again.

More Mesa cave

More Mesa Shores and Hope Ranch  tried to keep the caves a secret.  Trust fund kids prefer thugging on Instagram.  Joggers, hikers, and nature lovers use the caves to meditate, and turn up.  All we have to do is walk a long dirt road to the caves.  Who cares if the land is privately owned.  They’re used to it.  We just have to be super careful.  A dude was slammed by a falling boulder and critically injured.  The bluffs are fragile, and easily distressed.  Dude pulled on a rock to lift himself, and it fell on him.

Over 250 acres of coastal wild bliss, is covered in sage scrub, pinpoint clover, and buckwheat.  It’s so ducked out, and away from smoggy traffic and police.  Neighbors may pretend they’re concerned for our health, but truthfully, they’re just fighting the word is out.    College kids, and high school junkies have bombarded the More Mesa Caves.   This is the new party place for stoners and loners.

Andre Anderiasian, 18, said he had taken his parents to marvel at the panorama, adding, “It’s epic.”  Let’s share a stunning ocean view from a bluffside perch, or nah?