Mass Adultery Crackin On Sex Mountain

Java Island in Indonesia makes Las Vegas look more preschool than Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s showmance.  Apparently, having sex with strangers is helping Muslims feel more prosperous and optimistic.  The ultimate orgy dates back to the 16th century.  A Dateline Reporter assumed we were puffing too much piff again.  He traveled to Mount Kemukus (near Surakarta) to witness the sin sick ,nut busting himself.  Pilgrims pray, bathe, and smash other worshipers 7 times a day, but 35 days apart.  If they want the good life, they have to fork anyone other than their spouses.  The open random sex is incomprehensible.  Sex Mountain is shunned by those too shy to fathom a cock licking from a stranger.  Wanderers are gathering on the hill to engage in hot intercourse.  It’s so deep, prostitutes work Sex Mountain for donations, and offerings.  Maybe we should move the Kardashian family here.  They’d fit right in.All-Aboard-for-the-Ratchet-Express