Jarrett Scott Page Spooky Last Video – RIP

Weirdos are stunned.  Social media claims Jarrett Scott Page is dead.  Jarrett is a social media sensation.  He never had to pay for LIKES.  Fans admired his brash honesty, and self depreciating sense of humor. He was extremely handsome, and always blogging about celebrity scandals.  We’re huge fans. Facebook would be devastated if  Jarrett was actually dead.  Did Jarrett commit suicide?  He didn’t mind getting in his feelings about life, and love.  Did one of the celebs bash Jarrett for spreading the hot tea, and making fans laugh at their pain?  Jarrett Scott Page came for everybody from Caitlyn Jenner to K.  Michele.  Was Jarrett murdered by a jealous gay friend?  What’s up with this mysterious untimely death.  Is this a cruel joke to collect money for Jarrett’s  new “Messy Boots” website?  Let us know your feelings in the comments below- but not until you watchSpilled Tea Jarrett Scott Page spooky last video (8:00) below.