Ali Family Beef – Mike Epps Cookin #IAmAli

Lonnie Ali is 2 seconds from getting her old ass beat.  Muhammad Ali may have Parkinson’s, but that’s no good reason to keep him chained to booze, and western films.  Lonnie is keeping Ali’s children from visiting their ailing daddy.  Muhammad Ali Jr., Laila Ali, and the other 6 kids are livid.  They’re trying to peep the will details before he croaks.  What?  You didn’t know Muhammad had more kids than Joe Jackson?  Lonnie is his 4th wife.  She snagged him right before the disease kicked in.


The family is beefing, and Jr. is the ring leader.  Hollyweird’s streets claim, Ali’s only son is threatening legal actions.  He doesn’t see his dad as often as he’d like.  Rahman, Ali’s brother, hates Lonnie too.  He called her an evil bitch, and accused the old thot of draining his bro’s 50 million dollar fortune.  Jr secretly hired a lawyer to fight Lonnie for power of attorney.  I Am Ali will talk about Parkinson’s, but Lonnie will get all the loot from it’s popularity.

Ali Jr. had to jump on Facebook, and cry, to get a call from his pops.  Kiiursti Mensah Ali was considered a ‘love child.’  A 1988 paternity test proved Ali was smashing Barbara Mensah  while he was married. Kiiursti just like her momma.  Check her out…getting turnt with Mike Epps