NBC Matt Lauer Ann Curry Beef

Matt Lauer is a mitch.  He and Ann Curry have been competing for years, and now rumors are exposing Matt’s true plot to destroy everything she touches.  Today, former co-host, Ann Curry is sick of kissing Matt’s ass, and trying to befriend him.  Now Ann’s NBC contract is ending, and whispers claim Lauer wants her off the entire network.

Lauer allegedly feels like working with Ann was pure hell.  When Ann was fired from Today, she cried foul play.  Lauer was like, “GTFOH, good riddance!”.  All NBC has to do is offer Ann an EBT ish deal, and she’s out.  Curry is sick of being second best to half talented male egos.

Here’s Matt’s deal.  Curry worked as office receptionist for 14 years.  Then Ann must have stroked the right cock, because they decided to make her Matt Lauer’s co-host.  Ann has desperately tried to be personable with Matt.  His pride made him refuse every attempt from Ann.

Is this sexual tension?  Is the lack of chemistry the reason Today’s ratings are sagging like Kim Kardashian’s non-photo shopped booty?