Negative NBA Basketball News- Kendrick Perkins Arrested

As if the NBA needed additional negative attention, Kendrick Perkins has gotten arrested.  No he didn’t get caught smoking crack with two groupies.  No, he didn’t bring a gun into the locker room.

We guess since Love& Hip Hop decided to take their talents to Houston, TX, Perkins thought it was cool to cold cock a club goer with his huge fist.

Reports say the Oklahoma City Thunder baller, and his brother-in-law, Quincy Alpough were outside Nox nightclub in H-Town when they started beef with a woman named Mikeeta Cotton.

Cotton got into a small car accident with Alpough’s female cousin.  A scuffle began between the ladies, but Alpough jumped in.

Cotton claims Perkins  punched her brother in the head … and then banged her in the face, like Miley Cyrus did all of us at the VMA Awards.

Perkins was released on a $1000.00 bond, the same amount he probably tipped a stripper the night before.  Don’t Mess With Texas, or any woman named Kardashian.

Is this chic trying to exploit Kendrick ‘Celtic wanna be’ Perkins?  Or did Perk-a-lerk really smack that beeeyotch for talking reckless to his kinfolks?