Neil Patrick Harris Slams Gay Marriage

David Burtka is overdosed on Neil Patrick Harris‘ empty promises.  He’s been held hostage by the How I Met Your Mother sex machine.  Our weirdest fans are beginning to suspect Neil isn’t gay.  He started smashing David’s cakes before Justin Bieber was born.  While Harris has stalled on walking down the aisle, he stuck Burtka with toddler twins  (Gideon and Harper).  Neal went hard for California’s gay rights.  He never married, but suspiciously landed the starring role in Hedwig  and the Angry Inch.  Not only is the ‘character’ a transgender, it’s the hottest Broadway ticket in town.  All we really want to know – Is Neil Patrick Harris gay?   Or,  did Doogie Howser pull a stint to rekindle his career?