NFL TV Series #Undrafted Stolen From A Poor Black Man From The Ghetto – He’s Demanding $25 Milli

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Rickey B. Reed is suing the National Football League.  It’s a classic case of big executives ripping off the little guy for our talents and inventions.  The air conditioner, blood banks, computers, elevators, and ice cream, are just a few magical creations that stemmed from people of African American descent.  Rickey doesn’t want his inheritance used to build another prison to enslave young black men.

Plaintiff, Rickey B. Reed, claims that he developed the concept for an original production profiling the lives of aspiring young athletes who dream of playing in the NFL; an idea he claims is remarkably similar to a show aired on the NFL Network in late 2014.

Rickey B. Reed vs The National Football League No. 15-56988/ D.C. No. 2:15-cv-01796-DMG-AGR

US District Court for Central California, Los Angeles

The NFL stole my TV Series, & the sponsors that helped them:

I am a writer, my name is Rickey B. Reed, a poor black man from the ghetto.  Ripped off by a long list of billion dollar corporations, who easily could have paid me a $100 million for my ideas, that they never would have missed, chump change to them.

I personally put the list below of billion dollar corporations on notice that they were sponsoring a STOLEN tv production, but they all decided to look the other way.  And they are all making millions from a poor black man from the ghetto…The AMERICAN WAY right?  So called upstanding name brand corporations filled with lust for other people’s money., and you know their daddy – CEO Roger Goodell is all up in it as well.

Head to>>>  SportsLaw to see the incriminating batch of emails addressed to NFL employees dated August 2013.  Please keep in mind, Undrafted debuted on the NFL network in August 2014.  Tell us what you think in the comments below.