#Absent2032 Predicts Riots In 2015 – It has begun – Absent2032.com

As the spread of Ebola grips the world with hysteria, the governments of the world are preparing a vaccination to combat the epidemic. In Nicholas Gagnier’s new book Absent 2032, is a culmination of our battle against an epidemic, and our future response. Absent 2032 is a story that delves into the dark, dystopian future. The global epidemic has already taken countless lives forcing the global government to declare that mankind’s only hope to survive is the new Z3Clean Vaccination and orders mandatory inoculations.

On the first day of school at Freedom Elementary, the school nurse administers the injections to the students, and staff but complications soon emerge when a student becomes ill. To contain the situation, the global government arrives at Freedom Elementary, and quarantines the school from the world. The chain of command is of great importance but difficult to maintain as the school’s staff and parents are compelled to act in the name of love and survival.

Absent 2032 is a suspenseful story that takes it’s readers on a thrill ride into the future and back into our reality. If there was ever a story written about our future in the realms of George Orwell’s 1984 and Robin Cook’s Outbreak…it is now spliced into Absent 2032…get it now!! Absent2032.com