Nicolas Cage – Suffering From Success

We couldn’t help but wonder what  Nicolas Cage has been up to since he was busted whooping his wife’s ass in New Orleans.  Insiders claim he’s more broken than Beyonce’s marriage, but trying to maintain a wealthy lifestyle.  Cage owes the IRS $7 million, but he owes his drug dealers even more!  The housing market crashed, and all his real estate investments ended in foreclosures.

Nic was forced to hock his Elvis Presley memorabilia for food, and Botox.  His vintage wines, watches, motorcycles, and comic books can be purchased at the Compton Swapmeet.  No wonder Cage breathes Rage.  He is Paul Maguire.  Cage may not have as many friends as he did when he had more money, but he’s aged beautifully.  Plus, he’s suing the breast implants off the financial ‘adviser’ who tricked like V. Stiviano.

Here’s a video to remind you why Nicolas Cage is still Hollywood’s leading Ike Turner: