Niggers With Bitcoin

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The wealthy 1% want you to keep financing your I-Phones, eating chicken, and watching Love & Hip Hop.  Richard Branson, a gazillionaire and owner of  private islands- is investing in Bitcoin.  The original Facebook inventors, The Winklevoss Twins, are deep into Bitcoin too.  Bitcoin is worth more than the US Dollar, and worth more than gold.  It is coin used as virtual money, often referred to as CryptoCurrency.  We finally understand what Tamar Braxton was referring to when bragging about ‘the coin’ in her reality tv gigs.


Should you invest your cash in Bitcoin, or go back to sleep?  In December 2016, one Bitcoin was worth roughly $1000.  Today, Bitcoin is soaring at over $15,000 per coin.  Early investors are now millionaires.  Millionaires are now junkies.  Some say it’s just a lucky bubble. However, skeptics cannot deny it’s increasing popularity and discreet way of banking.  Conservatives fear enormous amounts of undocumented money could easily fund terrorist, child pornography, and human trafficking.  We’re thinking…this could finally be our 40 acres and a mule.


Check out this video of Lauren London’s baby daddy, Nipsey Hussle, talking fluently about investing in cryptocurrency.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.