Nikki Reed Begs To Reconnect With Nina Dobrev

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“Ms. Cuddles trying to cuddle up to my Lynx. But my Lynx doesnt like fake bi*ches. #BeReal or #BeGone #TVD.”

Nina Dobrev used her Instagram account to diss Nikki Reed.  Nina put up with Ian’s refusal to shower regularly for 2 years.  Ian Somerhalder proposed to Reed after just 5 months.  Nina fought back tears when she heard of The Vampire Diaries engagement to her ex bestie- Nikki Reed.  Nina distracted herself by turning up with Chris Pratt at the Super Bowl.  She cries when she’s alone, and hides her jealousy behind chain smoking cigarettes.

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Nikki Reed honestly thinks Nina Dobrev wants to be friends again.  Dobrev is forever changed by Reed’s back stabbing thot ways.  She wants to whip her ass, but Nikki wants to reconnect.

“Nikki has said that she wants to invite Nina over for dinner, but it hasn’t happened yet,” a source EXCLUSIVELY reveals to

Nikki, who confirmed her engagement to Ian on Jan. 25, “has no bad blood for Nina. She would love if they could all be friends again,” says the insider, adding that “she and Nina used to be so close and Nikki has told lots of people that she would love to get back to that place with her.”
“Most girls would have a problem with Ian spending all this time with his ex, but Nikki isn’t most girls. She’s very confident and she doesn’t see Nina as a threat. Ian’s close friends with pretty much all of his exes — she’s okay with it,” reveals the EXCLUSIVE insider.