Nina Dobrev Is Officially Dating Derek Hough- Couple Flaunt Relationship in Hollywood

Nina Dobrev

What’s worse than having to take a dump, the moment you’re done with your shower?  Doesn’t it suck when your ex bounces back before you?  Nina Dobrev has quickly moved on from Ian Somerhalder with Derrick Hough.  Yep, the sexy brunette, and The Vampire Diaries hottie, has resulted to rebounding with Julianne Hough’s geeky big brother.  

Everyone was hoping it was just a rumor, but the new couple decided to rip a hole in Ian’s heart by officially stepping out as a couple the other night.

Derek Hough, Nina Dobrev


Dobrev hit Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights with Julianne, then was spotted arriving at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood with Derrick.

We’re not saying that Julianne had anything to do with this relationship, but she has been hanging out with Dobrev like they’re best friends (there are NO friends in Hollywood).  If Julianne wasn’t friends with Nina, she wouldn’t even be worth a mention.  She began clinging on to Nina the minute Ryan Seacrest disowned her.


I know you hoped Nina Dobrev, and Ian Somerhalder would end up being the next Brangelina, we all did.  Ian is somewhere beating his meat in his Air stream mobile home, with nothing but his dog, and broken Fifty Shades of Grey Dreams.  Nina, on the other hand, is living life to the fullest.

Derrick would be okay, if Nina wasn’t the next ‘It Girl’.  She’s young, humble, and hasn’t realized her potential super-stardom.  Take Blake Lively for example.  She was brilliant for snagging Ryan Reynolds.

Should Nina step her game up, and get new friends?  Does Julianne and Derrick have ANYTHING cracking besides Nina Dobrev?