Nina Dobrev Promises To Reunite With Ian Somerhalder If He Lands Role In Fifty Shades Of Grey

The Vampire Diaries fans will be happy to know that Nina Dobrev couldn’t handle the pressure of dating Y-Lister, Derek Hough.  Ian Somerhalder sunk to an all time low, partly because of the government shutdown, but mostly because Nina back stabbed him by publicly dating someone he assumed was just her ‘friend’.

Derek mended his achy wounds by reconnecting with his DWTS (Dancing With The Stars) teammate, Maria Menounos.  He may look fruitier than an apple martini, but Hough rolls with dimes only.

It’s very difficult for Dobrev to have a real life romance, because viewers’ minds are cemented on the bulging Brangelina showmance between Elena Gilbert (Katherine Pierce), and Damon Salvatore.


Gossipers wonder why Nina dropped Derek, but we’ll tell you what’s up.  When Charlie Hunnam ditched Fifty Shades Of Grey (over the alleged EBT ish fee they offered him for the role), Nina heard whispers that Ian was back in the running for the Christian Grey role.  Julianne Hough  is rumored to be pissed at Nina for dissing her brother, by the way.  

What’s really disappointing is, we can’t imagine anyone more suitable for the role.  Ian may be prettier than Prince,and weirdly worldly, but shouldn’t executives respect fans’ wishes?  Nina is not dumb.  Derek is not Ian, and time is not on Nina’s side.  Winona Ryder used to date Leonardo Dicaprio.  Go figure.

Did Nina Dobrev ever give a fork about Derek Hough?  More so, did she let him hit it?  Isn’t it weird that she dumped Derek right around the time Charlie Hunnam dumped Fifty Shades of Grey?