No More Unemployment Check ? Get Paid Big Bucks To Tweet ! Meet Magic Mike Boss

As studio executives and casting directors increasingly factor in a celebrity’s digital fan base, maintaining a healthy online presence has become vital for Hollywood stars. That’s where LaQuishe Wright and a generation of her tech-savvy peers come in, helping to amplify and control the reputations of public figures via social media.

For social media buffs, it sounds like a dream job: Tweeting for a living. But Wright — whose client roster includes Zac Efron, Paul Walker, Nicholas Sparks and movie studios like Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox — is constantly on-guard, making sure her clients sustain an appropriate tone and share the right content. She strategizes the best times to post so as to attract the most eyeballs and uses search engine optimization tricks to further maximize views. And, much to the dismay of her husband and two sons, she is always within reach of a mobile device in the event important news breaks.

“A lot of celebrities have an aversion to Twitter, and I get it — they’re scheduled every four minutes of their life, and they don’t want to have to worry about it,” said Wright, who goes by “Q.” “But if you have a great social presence, that is a 100% benefit. Fans are more prone to go see Channing Tatum’s movie if he’s telling them about it — not a studio. And Hollywood is paying attention to that now.”

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