NYC Child Services Failed – Thaiya Spruill-Smith Killed By Step Dad

Tragic: Thaiya Spruill-Smith, two, was taken off life support on Saturday after suffering a brain hemorrhage

David Adams shook his 2 year old step daughter until her brain hemorrhaged, and she died.  Thaiya Spruill-Smith may have become a doctor, or engineer.  Her mom was obviously desperate for a man.   Thaiya’s real dad claims Adams constantly abused the toddler.  Doctors feverishly operated on Thaiya, but she eventually crushed under the severe injuries.  NYC social services investigated David Adams’ family just weeks before the baby’s death.  Court records prove that David had also been accused of shaking baby Thaiya last month.  Court services took custody of Smith for a week, but quickly returned her on a silver platter to her abusers.

David Adams admitted shaking the baby in court.  He was overwhelmed with tears when prosecutors told him she died.  Was he crying because he now faces attempted murder?  Or crying for this child’s life snatched away too soon?  Her penis hungry mother, didn’t report the incident until days later, after noticing the baby could barely breathe.

What went wrong?  Child Protective Services failed Thaiya. Should Thaiya’s mom be held responsible for allowing her husband to abuse her own flesh?  Do you have a friend, or relative stuck in a tumultuous relationship?  Do you believe children should be physically disciplined?