OJ Daughter Khloe Kardashian Milks Lamar Odom Overdose For Ratings Fans and Money

The only Kardashian truly  mourning Lamar Odom, is Robert Kardashian Jr.  He’s the only sibling unaffected by celebrity.  He deliberately dodges headlines.  Rob loves L.O. like a brother.  The athlete cock addicts, and rap groupie sisters, only love the limelight.  That’s why they’re at Lammy’s bedside.  Kris Jenner programmed the girls to follow the light.  Kim did not cry when Bruce Jenner died.  When Lamar’s best friend Jamie died, Kendall didn’t take a modeling break.  When French Montana’s boy, Chinx Drugz, got smoked- Kylie Jenner was busy smoking Tyga’s hookah.

Don’t let the Kardashians’ professional acting lessons fool you.  They do not truly care about Lamar Odom.  Khloe Kardashian resented Jamie for telling Lamar that.  Even Phil Jackson told Hollyweird how reality TV screwed Odom without grease.  We warned Lamar Odom of their hidden agenda, but he did not listen.  Khloe used Lamar while he was a Championship winning Los Angeles Laker.  Odom built her brand back when she was still built like OJ Simpson’s other daughter, Sydney.

Lamar Odom’s last video was a desperate cry for help.  He told paparazzi Khloe Kardashian set him up for a headline.  Reports claim a KUWTK re-run set him off!  L.O. is on tape 6 weeks ago threatening to expose the family’s most scandalous secrets.  Do you really trust Kris Jenner?  Has the family disowned Rob?  Was Lamar Odom’s overdose murder a threat to Scott Disick?  Why did Scott run to ‘rehab’ with his hair on fire?  Who did Kris Jenner pay to slip extra RELOAD in Lamar Odom’s system?  Camel toe Kokes is making all the executive decisions.  Why is she mysteriously STILL his wife?  Why is Lamar Odom’s death about Khloe Kardashian?